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we are a small group consisting of 2 artist and one digital worker : Tarek (WTFlagnobb) and Farhan (8BitPixels) Danyal (ApexFusion)
and a small group of others.

we are currently in the process of creating 2 awesome manga!

here are the plots:

Crude oil has reached end of its lifetime, Terror organizations are imposing a bigger threat, the world has degraded into one nation...
but someone must lead the world out of this crisis. Heart the organization holding power of the nation Oykot must help the world, in a search for more oil reserves the RHMF (Royal Heart Military Force) reach what was once known as Nintai-ryoku village and home to many, after the search Nintai-Ryoku was put off limits everybody in the village slaughtered, Heart had discovered something, the gateway to what was going to lead to the oblivion of mankind...
a man known as Edward Richman a former member of Heart, formed a rebellion, 
Kotae their ultimate goal is to gain answers from Heart.
Shino Raion a 16 year old born and raised in Oykot joins the KAF (Kotae Armed Forces) by the age of 19 Shino Raion discovers the dark truths of Kotae and their real goal...
Shino Raion detaches from Kotae to form Lion.
Shino's first goal is to eliminate the largest terror organization SI (State of Injustice).

Chapters 1-10: The formation of Kotae
Chapters 11-20: Kotae's secrets
Chapters 21-35: Shino's service in Kotae
Chapters 35-40: Edwards Antecedent 

Kazuki's Redemption:
2014, AI and human intelligence are head to head, and soon enough war breaks out. The AI dominates the Humans and use them as resources to destroy and recreate a whole new multiverse. 800 years later, a Thief named Kazuki Yoshida comes in contact with a Data Shinigami, Takumi, in which he discovers the Data Universe and embarks a quest of enlightenment to be able to control the 3 forms of Data and eventually destroy the MDC ( Master Data Cube ) whilst also evading the Data Police, The Trojan Elite force and his inner sins which is ticking away before overtaking Kazuki's state of mind.


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My artwork will make your rectum tingle...
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Skype- mulkyfarhan
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